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Falsely banned by WannaK1ng

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Nombre del Baneado: PoGdAb
Steam ID del baneado: STEAM_0:0:442796142 | IP del baneado: 
Tiempo de Baneo: 180 minutos

Administrador: WANAk1Ng
Fecha de Inicio del ban: 2023-07-19 a las 16:02:39
Fecha de Finalización del ban: 2023-07-19 a las 19:02:39
Razón del ban: Comentarios toxicos

Si piensas que el ban está mal dado, visita nuestra sección
de quejas en nuestra web: www.DrunkGaming.net
Estás baneado del servidor. Revisa tu consola para mas informacion.

I just got banned on deathrun #04 for absolutely fake and false reason which is "Toxic comments" 

What happened is i killed the tt and said "my map" that was literally it. And then this guy comes outta no where and bans me lol, i can see that he is jealous or hurt from the last time.. Just take care of your admins more because people like him makes the community look like garbage.


PS: You can ban me permenant if he has proof that i was being toxic or did "toxic comments"

What a lying butthurt kiddo 🤣🤣🤣

Edited by PoGdAb
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Rejected request.

You do not comply with the corresponding Format to make the Disban Request, then I will leave you the Correct Format so that you can do it again.

Your NickName:
Responsible admin:
Date and time of the incident:
Short description:

I close.

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