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Falsely banned by WannaK1ng

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Server/Map: Deathrun - deathrun_surf
Your NickName: PoGdAb
Responsible admin: WANAk1Ng
Date and time of the incident: 2023-07-19 a las 16:02:39
Short description: I was literally minding my own buisness and playing and once i wanted to leave after i killed the tt i said "my map" because i was dominating it, and then this random new admin joined the server and immediately decided to ban me for "toxic comments" 🤣🤣


Evidence: Obviously there's no VIDEO evidence since there isnt a auto demo recorder put into the server. But here is the console evidence.



PoGdAb killed self with trigger_hurt
Dandupo killed self with trigger_hurt
Light killed self with trigger_hurt
[Salta Muros - 12] Light : fua
@@@@@@@@ killed self with trigger_hurt
Dandupo killed self with trigger_hurt
PERRITO CRACK killed self with a headshot from trigger_hurt ***
[Deathrun Elite - 82] PoGdAb : my map
GG. killed self with trigger_hurt
WANAk1Ng connected
Te han baneado del servidor #04 Deathrun

Nombre del Baneado: PoGdAb
Steam ID del baneado: STEAM_0:0:442796142 | IP del baneado:
Tiempo de Baneo: 180 minutos

Administrador: WANAk1Ng
Fecha de Inicio del ban: 2023-07-19 a las 16:02:39
Fecha de Finalización del ban: 2023-07-19 a las 19:02:39
Razón del ban: Comentarios toxicos

Si piensas que el ban está mal dado, visita nuestra sección
de quejas en nuestra web: www.DrunkGaming.net
Estás baneado del servidor. Revisa tu consola para mas informacion.

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Unban Request Rejected

This section its only for permanently bans or bans that are over 1 day long

if you want to make a report against this admin please use the section below 


With that said

I will close this request.

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