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bots especialmente para zombie plague (ZP) (ZMT-BOTS)


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I am currently working on a new bot module (in C++), developed specifically to play zombie plague. Support the project from the official blog: https://zmt-bots.blogspot.com/

They have already been published and are ready to be used
The bots have special AIs when they are nemesis, survivor, assassins or snipers, here are some characteristics:

New evasion system, written by me, where the bots avoid collisions with other players and also detect the obstructions (If that were the case), choosing another path.
Do you want more difficulty? to the ZMT-Bots of special classes (Nemesis, Survivors, Snipers and Assassins) you can add HP (Health Point) from the configuration files, giving advantage to special class bots in front of real players, you decide how much advantage you give them or if you prefer to play with them at the same level as you.
The bots can buy and use extra-items (with the help of a plugin available below)

They look for safe places and they stay there until the game ends.
They will not buy Scout; the weapon is useless against the zombies.
They are capable of throwing fire grenades, frost and flares. The flares in their majority, throw them when arriving at the strategic places of refuge.
If the place of refuge is occupied, the bot can choose between going to another site or staying next to the other player.
Depending on the darkness of the map, a bot will not be able to see long distances and will have a lower viewing angle.
They are sensitive to the light and glow of zombies.
They are able to see a zombie in the midst of darkness if it is hurt by a human, dethroning it.
They shoot any zombie that is illuminated by a flare or map light, (regardless of the distance).
When approaching the zombies, the bots will flee and perform evasive maneuvers, with jumps to avoid being infected.
In the escapes, these bots can predict the walls behind them and make decisions to try not to get caught.
New special IA for Survivors. These will not act like humans, they are closer to the zombies (Behavior seen in the video).
New special IA for Snipers.
If in flight they are trapped in a precipice, depending on several factors, some will decide to launch themselves to avoid being infected, while others will try to resist more time firing.
New system to aim targets, more adjusted to how a real player would aim. It will depend on the bot's ability (Skill).
They can use flashlight (Optional), identical to that of the players (Only if you use Zombie plague: Apocalypse, download at the end of the blog).
They can decide whether or not to break a platform through which they have passed, thus preventing the zombies (Sometimes other humans, as usually happens online) to climb or reach the place.

Able to throw infection bombs (If they have enough ammo packs).
They do not use the radio.
When they are strongly wounded, they try evasion and jumping maneuvers to avoid Headshots.
They can break sandbags, introduced in the game by the plugin "zp-sandbags".
If there is a human in a high place, the zombies will make a "ladder"; that is, they will crouch down and jump on top of others to help reach the human. How to implement this when creating new waypoints.
New special IA for Nemesis and Assassins, they can use Longjump and they will try to reach humans in higher places (Behavior seen in the video) (Only if you use Zombie plague: Apocalypse, download at the end of the blog).
They change easy to target if they shoot (Depending on which is more within reach).
They play as a team and warn others where the humans are; attacking in hordes.
They can predict the movements of humans when they are pursuing them, shortening distances and cutting off escape routes.


Official video-trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQHvEx9iyOo
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me parece una buena idea, ya que hay jugadores que juegan a altas horas de la noche,y la implementacion de bots para los modos de zombies seria espectacular.
y si si fuciona la implementacion de bots, se agregarian a los demas servidores??,es una duda existencial.

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