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Unban Appeal - Admin: Zetita

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Server / Map: # 15 PUG - SCRIM 5v5 
Your NickName: 
Admin responsible: @ zettia_ 
Date and time of the incident: Now
Brief description: I was playing in the PUG server, almost at half time then I got banned. I added Zetita after and he said he has a demo and would post after I write on the forum, so please post that demo and lets get this resolved. I'm playing on an 18 year old account (3 digit steam ID), if I wanted too cheat on a $ 1 game, I would use a burner account. Thanks.

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2 minutes ago, zettia_ said:

demo:  https://mega.nz/file/lsJUyZID#22Z5XwBPlBF-EWVxvgsjPbMY4Voe-3cPXOiRVc_OiqA

Steam account hurts
18 years 
3 digits
7k hours in cs
to be chittering :(

Thank you for posting this demo;
I have nothing to say, as I am not cheating - we will let the demo reviewers do their job.
Thanks again!

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Como se puede apreciar en las demos mostradas por el admin cs se puede apreciar que el usuario no cuenta con ningún tipo de aimbot, asi que pasara a ser desbaneado de el servidor pug scrim, te pedimos una disculpa por el inconveniente.

@ zettia_  te dare un llamado de atencion para que tengas un poco mas de cuidado a la hora de aplicar este tipo de sanciones.


As can be seen in the demos shown by the admin cs, it can be seen that the user does not have any type of aimbot, so he will be removed from the pug scrim server.

@ zettia_ I will give you a call for attention so that you have a little more care when applying this type of sanctions.


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