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Server/Maps: #14 PUG - SCRIM 5v5
NickName: bsoft-_^ 
Administrador: ZyleaK 
Fecha de Inicio del ban: 2022-03-24 a las 19:05:01 
Fecha de Finalización del ban: 2033-05-18 a las 03:33:20 
Razón del ban: ban evading 
Brief description/What happened: I joined #14 Pug to play and played 3 rounds and then instantly banned after 3 rounds for BAN EVADING....I am not ban evading...it makes no sense why Zyleak banned me from another server when I am waiting for a decision on my other post. WTF. 0 demo, 0 evidence, just BAN. Plz unban. Thanks. 

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6 minutes ago, ZyleaK. said:

Las pruebas de tu ban las pase al staff al privado, cuando den respuesta se decidira si te quedas ban o unban.

It is a completely different server. What happens on one server should affect the other server. I don't cheat and you have no evidence or proof or demos that I do firstly. If you can't prove I cheat, you can't just ban me because you THINK I cheat or you don't like me. I should not be banned on a different server while a decision is being made. There is 0 evidence or proof I cheat. Show me a clear demo of me cheating in your pug server. You can't because I don't cheat. Now unban me. 

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7 minutes ago, ZyleaK. said:

We are not going to unban you stop cheating


That is not proof of me cheating... I quick scoped that guy... the fact that it registered like that in the server is not my fault or problem. I aim and shoot and killed the guy. My interp is probably what made it a headshot or the fact that i flicked my mouse. That is a normal play. And that wasn't from the time you banned me today. There are many players who do same things sometimes. 1 nice quickscope shot doesn't prove I cheat. It just means you are bad and FIVEOH is terrible for thinking I cheat in the first place. I wouldn't cheat on a 5 digit steam account. Unban me. 

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