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    Miguel44 reacted to DavidxD for a status update, Feliz cumpleaños cerdito wapet0n   
    Feliz cumpleaños cerdito wapet0n 
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    Miguel44 reacted to Dark003=AFK for a status update, Felicidades cerdito, ya era hora   
    Felicidades cerdito, ya era hora 
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    Miguel44 reacted to DieguiitoX for a status update, Cerdito rapero >:v   
    Cerdito rapero >:v

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    Miguel44 got a reaction from Goo Hara for a status update, Tylersito mi amiko :v   
    Tylersito mi amiko :v
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    Miguel44 reacted to Jairito Mapper for a status update, Majo 🔥 🥺   
    Majo 🔥🥺