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Skin, hat y cuchillos "vista previa Zombie Escape"


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Buenos días, tardes, noches

A la comunidad de  DRUNK GAMING

Bueno. Este post lo hago con el fin de sacarles la dudas a aquellos usuarios que quieren comprar con los PL (puntos de legado), una nueva skin, un nuevo hat o gorro, o un nuevo cuchillo. Les dejare los links donde subiré las fotos .

  • SKINS 
  1.  Payday wolfhttps://imgur.com/nlpfDkB
  2. Sarash black. https://imgur.com/M9rO6kS
  3. Chickenator. https://imgur.com/xYHCmiA
  4. Lady hunter. https://imgur.com/QijTd09
  5. Blade reaper. https://imgur.com/0UY3NoU
  6. Kaitlyn. https://imgur.com/hXmYigJ
  7. Crysis black. https://imgur.com/rCqktyL
  8. Axion. https://imgur.com/KC43Mn3 
  9. Albert Wesker. https://imgur.com/5cykWEn
  10. Predator (vip). https://imgur.com/pBUorfU 
  11. Agente Angel. https://imgur.com/fyc2jJw
  12. Kaze. https://imgur.com/ebNhVgt
  13. Ying. https://imgur.com/9zWDjwM
  14. Steam punk. https://imgur.com/tFXFnVA
  15. Cyborg CSO. https://imgur.com/tySFRqW
  16. Mike Noble (vip).  https://imgur.com/VS43LHv
  17. The joker. https://imgur.com/X9g5Lf1
  18. Iron Man. https://imgur.com/i6Sc09L
  19. Halo.  https://imgur.com/Tj3oBJB
  20. Grim Reaper (vip). https://imgur.com/vc3fpRY


  1. Bate  baseball. https://imgur.com/aK8q0BO
  2. Antorcha. https://imgur.com/f5wFD9f
  3. Dragon Sword. https://imgur.com/Poku5zF
  4. Axe Xmas.https://imgur.com/2mlPdwI
  5. Jay Daggers.https://imgur.com/jhkH0Qo
  6. Dragon Tails. https://imgur.com/gzy5x6K
  7. Ice Doll. https://imgur.com/bmBSlI7
  8. Shadow Mourne.https://imgur.com/glKlJ6m
  9. Skull Axe II. https://imgur.com/tODGfVV
  10. Katana Buffed.https://imgur.com/5laQLZp
  11. War Hammer. https://imgur.com/h1cTPtK
  12. Thanatos Android. https://imgur.com/HnSUnbi


  1. Ogro Peligroso.https://imgur.com/njPUMY7
  2. Gazowa.https://imgur.com/zzLP8aU
  3. Bicho.https://imgur.com/CbK7Uf1
  4. Yeti.https://imgur.com/KwbqUhb
  5. Koala.https://imgur.com/47XIQiY
  6. Panda.https://imgur.com/LgzGelY
  7. Black Dragon.https://imgur.com/r9klbmr
  8. Conejo Malo.https://imgur.com/ExOTTNa
  9. El Diablo.https://imgur.com/ma0Ujyq
  10. Musulman.https://imgur.com/7NIZOKg
  11. Baby Dino.https://imgur.com/ALOgXQO
  12. Ladron.https://imgur.com/JQPMlMD
  13. Deimos CSO.https://imgur.com/9rnDALL
  14. Xmas CSO.https://imgur.com/4TDcQGt
  15. Bomba de Infeccion. https://imgur.com/vZ0GRnA
  16. Ghost.https://imgur.com/SRq0I1i
  17. Heavy CSO.https://imgur.com/G3DxGvW
  18. Indio CSO.https://imgur.com/eILi6fJ
  19. Bandera Drunks. https://imgur.com/aj7pBQp
  20. TV Drunk Gaming.https://imgur.com/mEAZ3cD

Espero que les haya gustado ❤️



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